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Business Bookkeeping Solutions Ltd

Bookkeeping Services - Wigan

Failing to keep your Bookkeeping straight will lead to a lot of work if left undone for some time, as such will require more time and expense for a bookkeeper to put right in order to move forwards. Also if these records are not kept correctly this can lead to incorrect amounts being paid to or not paid to HMRC for VAT Purposes, This can lead to serious fines being imposed on top of the monies due.

We can help with all this, making sure we go the extra mile claiming absolutely everything your business is eligible to claim and putting your mind at ease in the process.


The services we provide wil be done on a daily basis and available to you at any given request. Further to this we will send you monthly reports showing the ongoings for your review. We also offer payment solutions where we can offer professional services and communicate with your suppliers on your behalf in order to gather required invoices or credit notes furthermore reducing the worry and extra work for yourself.


We are always happy to talk so please feel free to call us to discuss any queries you have and how we could help you. Call us today on 01942915525 and see how we can improve the way you do your business.

As a Certified Bookkeeper, A vast range of learning different segments has took place and practiced over the years. Check out the Skillset page to see the training that's took place. 

We offer practical solutions to all your bookkeeping needs, ranging from data entry right through to producing year end Accounts.


Bookkeeping is a fundamental part of Accounts within all businesses, it promotes organisation of your financial movements helping you to make key decisions for various future long term goals of your business venture.

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