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Self Assesment Services - Wigan

With this being said it makes much more sense to be prepared than to leave it all to the last minute and then not only may you make mistakes but you could also miss key items that could reduce your bill significantly.

Here at BBS we will be there for you to make sure this is kept on top of, we offer ways of managing your expenses and keep your receipts organised as the receipt is put in your hand using your mobile device. In fact we offer services where your whole dealings with us can be controlled through a hand held device making your experience much easier and more user friendly.

We will keep you up to date on whats to come on a monthly basis which will be available for you to view at anytime anywhere, this can come in very handy in business meetings or if you need to know what the last invoice cost was for supplier B at the drop of a hat its on your palm.


Give us a call to start the ball roling on 01942 915525 now to come on board with BBS. Planning for the Future

Contact Us for Help with your Self Assesment

Doing your self-Assessment is unavoidable and required yearly if you are Self-employed, a business partner or Director of a limited company.


Knowing exactly what you can and can’t claim can impact significantly on the value you will have to pay. We will look in depth at your costs throughout the year and advise you to keep your receipts for all of your purchases. We will go through these with a fine tooth comb making sure we can reduce your tax bill as much as possible.


Not submitting your self-assessment on time carries a fine and if it goes beyond three months late it increases from £100 to a daily fine of £10 per day on top. Interest will also be added.

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