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Bank Reconciliations - Wigan

If this is not done on a regular basis it can cause quite a backlog requiring extensive work, this is down to requiring the documentation to match to the transactions within the bank statement. This could lead to contacting companies for copy invoices and searching through the company emails.

We can help massively with this process by incorporating our email address for future correspondence when placing orders and sending invoices out. This will furthermore release the Burden on your email inbox allowing you to focus more on direct questions or leads from the services in which you provide.


Alternatively to the above it would require yourself to forward the information required invoices and receipts over on a regular basis. This is a real sticky point, we don’t want to hinder you for the documents needed, however we cant be the best for you without regularity of obtaining the information. we want to make your life as easy as possible. This is a very real issue, one in which we are tackling with cloud software where we share documents together so they are available at your fingertips on a mobile device.

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Bank reconciliations are a major part in keeping your finances straight. We use software that obtains the bank feeds we need in order to do this for you, eliminating any work for you.


Depending on the size of your organisation dictates the regularity required to complete a bank reconciliation. For example a company that produces over 20 invoices per day and receives on average 10 invoices per day it would be best to do the reconciliation work daily whereas a company issuing up to 5 invoices and receiving 5 invoices per day would be done weekly.

This is a bank statement that pulls into the software, we match all of the items down from start to finish making sure relevant invoices and receipts are all stored on the system to match off with every transaction.

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